OSAKA 3 LX 085 H203

Working temperature

-1 / +1°C
0 / +2°C
+2 / +4°C
Normal temperature
Remote condensing unit
<p>Ventilated refrigeration</p>
<p>Off-cycle defrost</p>
<p>Medium surface</p>
<p>Small surface</p>
<p>Specialty store</p>
Pre-packed fish
Fresh milk

Elegant and minimalist, Osaka 3 LX is a multi-deck wall cabinets whose excellent functional and aesthetic traits combine with the most innovative cooling technologies. It can be fitted with low consumption fans, latest-generation LED lights, slender adjustable shelves (up to 8), "full vision" doors, and Arneg Air System technology, the exclusive Arneg patent that does away with the need for defrosting and guarantees -37% energy consumption and constant food temperature. Suitable for all food categories requiring a natural temperature, its large storage volume marries with a simple installation and maintenance and unrivalled ergonomics.

Length without ends
Horizontal display surface
Net volume
1250 mm
3,31 m2
901 dm3
1875 mm
4,96 m2
1351 dm3
2500 mm
6,61 m2
1801 dm3
3125 mm
8,27 m2
2252 dm3
3750 mm
9,92 m2
2702 dm3
Cross Section