Not only refrigeration...

With the arrival of the cold season, Arneg launched the new high-tech heating plant for the offices of Campo San Martino.

To the best of technology existing to date, instruments used are: photovoltaic systems for the production of electricity, a heat pump for thermal energy designed and produced by Arneg, a distribution method rationalized and regulated by inverter to optimize the consumption and a home automation control system which won the award for the "Best Energy Efficiency Project" (see the news) at the KNX Day 2016.

And now ...the numbers:
4 photovoltaic plants
1,650 MWh of electricity generated per year
1,381 kWp at peak performance
1 heat pump with a heat output of 200 kWt
170 m3 of gas daily saved

The result?
In optimal weather conditions, electricity taken from the distribution network is close to zero, resulting in a practically zero environmental impact.

Congratulations to the engineering department of Arneg Italy directed by the Energy Manager Eng. Federico Pandolfo that helped make Arneg even more ecological and self-sufficient.

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